24/96 ‘Master’


The Life Of the Honey Bee in Hi Resolution 24/96 digital download!




Are you a Hi Fi or audiophile enthusiast?

Then – this is the edition for you!
Essentially, what you have here is the full resolution master at, higher than CD, 24bit 96Khz quality.
Mastered by Jacob Holm-Lupo; the forensic attention to audio fidelity and fullest possible dynamic range makes these files sound ‘the best of the best’!
No loudness wars here!   Files delivered in .FLAC format.
NB! files will be made available for download *before* official release date.
We will try to time it that you get these at same time as CDs / LPs posted out.

*This edition of album includes one, additional bonus track unavailable anywhere else.  A remix / edit of One Small Soul*.