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And we are back!

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And we are back!!

After such a special show last year Abel Ganz is delighted to once again stage our ‘Prog Before Christmas’ event in Glasgow which this year will be held on Saturday December 16th.

Last year’s event was such a great success that, thanks to the generosity of all the bands and audience members, we managed to raise the fantastic sum of £1,800 on behalf of cancer care charity https://www.maggiescentres.org/

As I am sure you will all know, we decided to donate all proceeds from the show to this great charity as they have been such a great source of support to our great friend [and founding member of Abel Ganz] Hugh Carter. We are very happy indeed to say that this continues to be the case – and so we will again be running this year’s show on the same basis.

As in previous years we are delighted to have some very specially invited guests who have agreed to come along and share the evening with us – and to help make it what is sure to be another exceptional night.

First of all we have a brand new band on the Prog scene: Long Earth

Long Earth very recently played their debut live show in Glasgow and we were immediately impressed by the quality of their songs and so we knew straight away they would be perfect fit for this event. Of course, it helps too that there are two previous member of Abel Ganz in this band so there is already a great connection there! Long Earth will release their debut album in the imminent near future.

Next, we are so thrilled to welcome some great friends of ours and an absolute giant of the UK Prog scene, the absolutely fantastic: Comedy of Errors

Like Abel Ganz, COE is a band with a long history [and a long layoff] but who have come back in the new millennium even stronger than before. Their most recent release Spirit has rightly been recognized as a major work and has propelled them on to even greater heights. Astonishingly, I don’t think we have ever done a gig together so we are all looking forward to this one very much!

Finally, it is with the utmost pleasure that we welcome back to TP<X the incomparable: Tiger Moth Tales.

As those of you who were lucky enough to witness Peter Jones perform a solo spot at the 1st TP<X event will remember – the man had the room in total awed silence and we all considered ourselves extremely fortunate to have witnessed such a unique talent in such an intimate setting. Since then – we have been pestering Peter to come back to Glasgow and we are so very happy that he has agreed to return to play for us again.

However, on this occasion he will not perform solo, this time he will play a full set, electric band performance backed by the fantastic guys from Red Bazar! Who knows, we may even get a Red Bazar tune too if we are lucky!!

So – please spread the news far and wide. This will be the ONLY gig that Abel Ganz will do this year and it is all for a very great cause. We would love to see as many people as possible make it along and as ever we cannot thank you all enough for your continued support.

Love to all – Abel Ganz

The Prog Before Xmas – 2016

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Yes – it’s true!   So good we had to do it twice!

Last year, we decided to celebrate an amazing eighteen month period by hosting our first ‘prog before xmas’ event.  Such was the success of this night that the band has decided once again to ask specially invited guests to the city to celebrate the festive season in Prog style!

We once again have some wonderful guests joining us this year and we are delighted to welcome Glasgow newcomers Big Hogg who have been described as including elements as diverse as Jethro Tull, Little Feat, the Canterbury Folk sound, Trader Horne, and Soft Machine.  We have all very quickly become fans of this great new band and we are so pleased they have agreed to join us!

As well as Big Hogg we are also absolutely delighted and proud to have the amazing John Young from Lifesigns who has agreed to come a play a solo set for us.  That should be great – definitely one not to miss.   As if all that was not enough, we are also planning to include something quite special this year – a real ‘one off’ dimension that we cannot say too much about at the moment but will say more about nearer the time.

This year’s event is entirely in aid of the charity: https://www.maggiescentres.org/

Check out the ‘LIVE’ page for info on tickets which are on sale now!

Terra Incognita.

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Well – what fantastic trip that was!

Thank you very much indeed to everyone at Terra Incognita festival.  A truly beautiful city and most excellent audience – one of the best responses we have ever experienced.

Here is a collage of shots taken by Pierre Ménard.



Here is another snap taken from the end of our performance:



Without the support of Stations such as these our music simply would not be heard. Please take the time to read this post and sign the petition please.

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Some background and a special request for action. And best of all, it’s free to get on board.

Here’s the background. Thanks to founding couple Rick and Mary Pat Henry, House of Prog is an all-volunteer high definition radio haven that respects and promotes artists and their music. All of us at House of Prog donate our own time and our own resources to air new and existing music material.

House of Prog is a very special 192kbs streaming outlet that, when combined with the www.houseofprog.com website, is a powerful tool that connects global progressive artists and their music to audiences around the world.

To be clear, House of Prog makes no money and isn’t designed to profit from anything it does. This is a station that’s truly all about the music and the artist families that create, produce, distribute and perform music.

So, what DO we do?
1) House of Prog airs music that would otherwise go mostly unnoticed. Most terrestrial radio stations wouldn’t dream of airing the type of progressive music aired by House of Prog. The music we play most often does not have major labels, major budgets or huge resources. It is indeed world-class music, however, that deserves the world’s attention. This is music that many listeners learn about for the first time when they hear it on House of Prog.

2) We invite the artists to talk with you, our audience. We openly interact and provide a clear channel to have conversations. We’re very proud of the reputation we’ve grown with the musician community.

3) We share information with fans who enjoy the music. Specifically, we educate our audience on how to purchase music through legitimate sales sites that truly benefit the artists and their respective families. If artists can’t even recoup the investments made in the production and promotion process, everyone loses. It is magic to our ears to learn about musicians who can make a living in the music trade, but most of the artists we interview have full or part-time jobs in other occupations. We are very clear in our promotions, “If you like the music, we proactively state on every show where listeners can purchase it.”

4) We promote tours, merchandise and fan gatherings. After all, musicians and fans like to gather at live performance events and meet each other. House of Prog is often in the position of being the ‘central coordination place’ for tours, festivals and fan gatherings.

The following link points out a risk that webcasters like us are now facing. Myopic legislation is being introduced under the false impression that webcast stations like ours are robbing artists of a good living. That’s not true. Without stations like ours, only big business outlets are left. That means there will be very few legitimate places where any audience could ever know that new music is being produced and offered to listeners.

In short, if stations like House of Prog were to disappear, critical links involving musicians, music and fans would be instantly lost. And what remains? Only the big McStations that derive profit in a corporately-governed vertical… and they don’t play our music.

We simply cannot compete with commercial radio stations, nor do we want to. Please read this petition and, if you agree, please sign it. Then, please share this link with friends who are concerned about the diversity of music channels and the availability of progressive music channels.

Thank you,


HRH TV – Abel Ganz performing LIVE Unplugged @ HRH PROG

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Before we did our ‘proper’ live set on main stage we did a cut down version of a couple of tracks for HRH TV.

An excerpt from Unconditional:



The Prog of the North!

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Denis has started a new Facebook Group page with the purpose of trying to help promote grass roots level Prog gigs in Scotland:

Please come and join this new Group if you feel it may be of interest to you.


Terra Incognita – getting closer!!!!

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In one month! We are beginning to count the days!! In a month to the day we will have the opportunity to see onstage inner Odyssey, Abel Ganz and RPWL.

Abel Ganz will be at her first ever concert on Canadian soil.  Denis Smith told me that the group would of course present parts of the excellent “Abel Ganz”, The most recent release of the group (they’re gonna play “Obsolescence part1- 5″ YES!!)  But also extracts from ” Shooting Albatross ” and ” The Dangers of Strangers “.

There are still some good tickets for this day, which promises to be unforgettable!



HRH TV interview

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Please take a look at short interview that Davie and Mick took part in last month.

“Genuine tunes and memorable melodies”

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Yes indeed!!  That is what we are ALL about!

Thank you very much to Sea of Tranquility for the review.



Yes – more from HRH Prog!!

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Seems there is a little burst of reaction to the recent HRH Prog Festival from a few weeks ago.

We always enjoy meeting new people at these events and look forward to any feedback. There is a really thorough look at the whole festival here for those who may be interested.

Thanks to Uber Rock.